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HL7 Analysis with NoSQL MongoDB - 1

Last week I had a discussion with Terry Montgomery. He was interested in HL7 message analysis and wanted my opinion. We discussed different tools that both of us have tried.

From discussion I found that he was looking for a tool which can analyze raw HL7 messages. This analysis could be used in designing HL7 interfaces.

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HL7 Parsing in C#

I learned a little bit of nHAPI during my last post on HL7 over HTTP and wanted to use it for a utility that I am working on. But some more research on nHAPI influenced me to develop my own small library in C#.

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HL7 over HTTP

There are few implementations of HL7 v3 around the world and many of CCD/CDA. Another promising standard FHIR – Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources is on its way.

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Cultural Influence on HL7

I recently started writing articles from my HL7 integration experience on US based projects. But a comment from Rene Spronk on one of my articles (HL7 Identifiers (Person, Patient, Account, Visit) made me think about extensions in HL7 by nation/region. I researched a bit on this and found interesting results of cultural influence on HL7 standard.

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PID Segment - Patient Identifiers

HL7 PID segment has three fields for Patient Identifiers, PID.2 - Patient ID (External ID), PID.3 - Patient Identifier List (Internal ID), PID.4 - Alternate Patient ID.
HL7 recommended use of these fields have changed in different revisions. How a healthcare system recognize & use these different fields is totally a system dependent. For any HL7 interface development, it is advisable to consult source system administrator during analysis.

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