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Mirth FHIR Technology Preview 1 with MongoDB

Mirth has recently released a FHIR listener as part of first version of it's FHIR Technology Previw. This lead me to explore FHIR after around 2 years.

C-CDA to JSON to MongoDB using MDHT & Mirth

Recently I stumbled across a very good tutorial on how to Parse CCDs in Mirth using MDHT (Model Driven Health Tools). This tutorial will help you setting up the Mirth to use MDHT lib. http://www.spheregen.com/parsing-continuity-of-care-ccd-using-mirth-and-mdht/

It was such an easy to implement the tutorial that it inspired me to do a POC with MDHT & Mirth and I thought of converting Consolidated CDA documents to json.

Implementation Experience in Indian Hospital - 2

This is one of few surprising and exciting experience from my recent integration assignment when I was implementing an EMR product in an Indian Hospital.

This post is related to integrating EMR with LIS to place the lab orders and receive results back.

Implementation Experience in Indian Hospital - 1

This is one of few surprising and exciting experience from my recent integration assignment when I was implementing an EMR product in an Indian Hospital.

I will share few of these in different posts. This one is related to ADT & SIU workflow handling.

Mirth Client - Android

With this post I wish to share a really exciting research/development to have a Mirth Dashboard on interface administrator’s mobile device (Android device in this case).

HL7 Viewer - Android App

As I am going deeper into open source technologies I am gaining more & more interest.

Continuing my research on implementing HL7 with different technologies, I have implemented a simple HL7 Viewer on Android.

HL7 Analysis with Hadoop!

My first encounter with Hadoop, Bigdata, Ubuntu, Java & Python! Learing new things is a real fun.

HL7 Analysis with NoSQL MongoDB - 2

I would like to thank all who read my article on HL7 analysis with NoSQL MongoDB - 1 and provided their valuable inputs. This has helped me improve the schema design & execute more queries for HL7 message analysis.

HL7 Analysis with NoSQL MongoDB - 1

Last week I had a discussion with Terry Montgomery. He was interested in HL7 message analysis and wanted my opinion. We discussed different tools that both of us have tried.

From discussion I found that he was looking for a tool which can analyze raw HL7 messages. This analysis could be used in designing HL7 interfaces.

HL7 Parsing in C#

I learned a little bit of nHAPI during my last post on HL7 over HTTP and wanted to use it for a utility that I am working on. But some more research on nHAPI influenced me to develop my own small library in C#.

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